Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Luxury Guest Retreat

These are the photos of our guest room in our home.  We are fortunate enough to have enough space to be able to have a dedicated space for guests, so I really wanted to dive-in.  Don't let that fool you though!  If you know me & follow my posts, you will know that this too was done on a teensy-weensy budget.  I could have gone far less expensive though.  We bought the dresser & bed new when we moved in.  Don't get me wrong, I LIKE it, but I've since come to ADORE vintage finds, & if I had to do it all over again, I would have much preferred to find some vintage steals & transform them.

The feature wall: all paint.  It took an entire day (sun up to around midnight!), but it was SO worth it.  The room (to start) was painted that bright shade of green (all 4 walls).  I am having a love-affair with the color grey however (& have been for a couple of years).  I knew I wanted to keep the green in some form or another, & add grey & the color palate began from there.  I drew inspiration from one piece (read further below for details), & ASIDE from the grey color, used existing cans of paint that I already had stored in the basement (F-R-E-E!).  Erik, my right-hand-man/hubby/soul-mate & I grabbed a laser light, aimed & got our straight lines.  We would level it on a ladder, & then I went along the laser lines with blue painters tape.  Once I had taped the line straight, Erik went from top to bottom with a credit card to REALLY adhere it to the wall, so NO paint would "bleed" through.  The lines are CRISP & perfect.  This looks like wallpaper from far enough away.  Let me just tell you - it took a LONG time, but it was EASY work.  I will not HESITATE to do this treatment again in our next home.  :)

These two printed pillows, from IKEA, were my inspiration.  I had my eye on them for a LONG time, just KNOWING I had to hurry-up & design a room around them (or at least buy them) before IKEA stopped selling them.  The room was either going to go yellow & grey or apple-green & grey, and since I'm not a huge lover of yellow (very particular about which shades), I favored the apple-green.  It JUST so happens that the striped pillow in the middle matches the pillow & my chosen color palate, so I bought that pillow cover from IKEA as well.  The far back Euro shams are from IKEA as well.  The middle white throw pillow, coverlet, sheets, & comforter are all pieced-together from Kohl's.  I don't DO bed-in-a-bag.  I'd much rather suffer through hunting for the perfect pieces than ever succumb to buying a bed-in-a-bag.  

While I DO love this room & pieced it together from various sources, this is the one room in my home that is weighed-heavily with IKEA finds.  I don't know if anyone lives as close to one as I do.  They are affordable & have nice things.  BUT if anyone knows IKEA like I do, they will know a ton in this room came from the store.  That is my only regret.  I really do prefer a more collected look.

This is an old trunk that I had for years.  It is a cheapy.  I didn't HESITATE to spray paint it!  It is PERFECT in the room!  

Yes, I DO love spray paint.  And I LOVE the color apple-green.  It is sprinkled in smaller doses in my formal living room & foyer.  But here, it saturates the room to marry with the grey & liven-up the otherwise calm & neutral room (grey, white, beige & APPLE GREEN).  So, the metal scroll & set of 3 scrolls are all spray-painted.

Mis-matched end-tables.  Perfect in my opinion.  When we DO decide to move, I will find a KILLER area rug for the new guest room as well.  

Lamp: from Pottery Barn kids.  
They carry much more whimsical lighting than it's adult-version Pottery Barn. :)  

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