Friday, August 31, 2012

Drum roll please! Home-made industrial/vintage chandelier!

I'm going to post this on my DIY page, but wanted to write a separate post about my newest project.  For more photos of the 'during' phase of this chandelier project, check out the DIY tab. :)

When Hubby & I moved in to our home 4 years ago, we changed nearly every lighting fixture.  However, in 4 years' time, mine (& his) styles have dramatically morphed, & luckily, we share a similar view & compromise when we don't.  You MIGHT just say, we have the perfect marriage!

ANYHOW, while I wanted to start a new DIY chandelier project, I wasn't rushing.  With nursing school having just finished its 2nd week of the new semester, I am SUPER busy.  Luckily for me however, I more or less gave him my directive & 'vision', & he did his share of work on this project with me.

I'll explain more, but for now, you just HAVE to see it!!  
(Scroll down for directions on HOW to make)

Okay, so here it is, the 'how-to':

First step: I went antique shopping, looking or the PERFECT old lamp shade.  (the middle shade featured).  The 'uglier' & MORE intricate the shade, the BETTER, TRUST ME.  You have to envision what it will look like when you STRIP off all of the old dirty fabric around the shade.  The more wire it has, the better the result will be.  Also, I LOVE the scalloped edges - I think it gives a femininity to the fixture.  The cost for the shade: $10 exactly. 

ANYHOW, take a knife & scissors to the shade & TEAR that baby up.  The old ones tend NOT to be glued on (bonus; less messy), but they ARE sewn on, so it'll take some work.  Total time to strip: maybe 20 minutes.  

Next: went online & searched for the 'cages' seen here on the right & left sides, positioned slightly higher than the middle shade.  They cages (& the shade in the middle) did not COME this color - you'll have to paint them the color of your choosing.  I chose a satin black finish.  Each cage cost $4, purchased online.  THAT'S ALL!  YAY!  Then, you just open it up (how it's shown above), to make it look like a pretty flower. :)  Make sure you get exactly the openness that you want, because once you paint it, you need to stick with that.  

Paint them all the same color....or not.  I contemplated painting the middle (large) shade a blue/green, but, mixed that idea in the end.  

Next step: go to Ikea.  Buy 3 of their lamp kits - the wire (already black) w/the socket attached.  They are $5 each, so this cost $15 total.  If you don't have an IKEA near you, World Market sells them in different colors, but I think they are $13.   

Purchased the light 'bar' from ebay for $20.  It was white.  I painted that satin black as well.  It had white wires that it came with (& light socket), but the color was all wrong.  Just strung the IKEA ones through it, & we were good to go.  Cut the cords once threaded in the bar.  They come VERRRRY long.  

Then just hang your fixture & add 3 filament bulbs!  (Dimmer suggested)  

I love this so, so much!  $53!!!  We are going to make a 2-light 'mini' version of this (less costly too) for above the kitchen sink & spray everything satin nickel/chrome.    

So do it!  Go out & make yours today!  You'll love it & won't be able to stop staring at it!!  

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