Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crown molding underway

Erik & I were out & about this past weekend "window shopping" for some crown molding for the kitchen (where the soffit meets the ceiling).  I am in love with the "dental" molding I see out there.  It looks very classic & craftsman to me.  Well, we found a big chunky one that was awesome.  THEN.....we found one we like even BETTER, for way less money because it's not even wood!  But BELIEVE me, you would never know when it's painted & installed.

So, downstairs I marched to break-out my paint sprayer & spray them all out the same color as our kitchen cabinets.  BEAUTIFUL.  Once they were dry, we held them up and well, "BEAUTIFUL" is all I can muster!  We only have (at the moment) about 30% of the install complete, but I can't resist sharing a photo of the 'in-progress' work.  We haven't patched everywhere there are teeny gaps yet & still have to touch-up with some paint to match where we DID touch-up, but here is the progress SO FAR:

Total cost of the project...ready for this? 

And, just to remind you of what it DID look like,
here is a photo of the same soffit:

So, I think the work might be finished this week & we can move on to getting the new faucet installed. :)  Erik says he may even want to put crown molding in the dining room now...  Which, by the way, got a mini-makeover!  I will post photos once the homemade chandelier project is complete to show it off.

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