Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Antique" faucet & cabinet molding

It may seem like all I've been writing about is "kitchen stuff", and you'd be right to assess that!  I promise I have other rooms & ideas to discuss, and I'll be posting a few ideas today.  But this one is going to address the LOVELY kitchen faucet that I'm drooling over.  I love it because it looks like kitchen "jewelry".  It has that pretty antique character to it, while being brand new!  Two pieces of great news: (1) the faucet I found retails for FAR less than it's look-a-likes at $102 plus shipping (I've seen them for over $500); and (2) the faucet is available on amazon.  If you open up an amazon credit account, you get an immediate $50 credit off any purchase!  This means.....my faucet will be HALF OFF at $52 plus shipping!  I am a savvy bargain shopper!  Go me!  Okay, okay....want to SEE this faucet I'm raving over?  Here "she" is:

Next topic:  Cabinet molding.  This isn't a project we'll be likely to execute until next year unless hubby gets inspired to do it prior to that (In this case, I just come up with the idea, & he needs to execute this one).  With me starting my next semester of nursing school next week, I"ll be focusing my energy on clinicals & studying.  I want to add thick, craftsman-looking molding (something chunky, but NOT ornate) to the top of the cabinets, where they meet the ceiling.  And I want to spray them out the exact color as the painted cabinets, so they appear like custom-to-the-ceiling-cabinets, RATHER than a big fat ugly plain soffit over the cabinets.  Knowing I wanted to do this, I then saw a great photo, depicting this same thing, so here is a great example of what I'm talking about:

Funnily enough, the ceiling is the same faint painted blue as ours!  This photo above comes from a Sarah Richardson design.  I am utterly star-struck with her.  If I had ONE person to meet (famous) and pick their brain or have over for dinner, it would be Sarah Richardson.  I love, love, love her.  And I love her assistant Tommy.  She is incapable of designing an ugly room.  Anyhow, in this photo above, the had the homeowner's cabinets painted, the soffits painted the same color, and added the molding to the top of the soffit to give the illusion of custom cabinetry.  Cheap cost for an expensive look.  Now that's my theme for decorating!

In other news, the new drapes in the kitchen are purchased & hung.  I have a panel hanging on either side of the doorwall.  I bought a third panel, and CUT it up, to make a custom homemade window valence as well.  Looks cute, if I do say so myself!  I'll post photos, but I think I want to wait until the new faucet it ordered & installed first.

As for the kitchen chairs, I've decided on a color.  It hit me: I can go shopping in my basement for the PERFECT color & paint them for F-R-E-E!!  Woohoo!  It just so happens that I have a rusty-red color paint on the lower-half of my dining room walls.  And when I hold up the new drapes to that wall color, the same rusty shade of red is in those drapes.  So I'll just paint my chairs that same red & poly them with a nice shiny clear gloss.  This won't happen until sometime in December though.  It's a free pick-me-up, as I mentioned.  I guess in a perfect world, I'd select NEW chairs that give a more eclectic-modern look to balance the kitchen into looking a bit more contemporary & modern/industrial.  These are the 'perfect-world' chairs I'm talking about (from IKEA; $80 each):

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