Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dreaming of a baby girl nursery

I'm not pregnant.  JUST so you know!  And, I don't plan on being pregnant this year.  If 'it' happens next year at all, it wouldn't be until the VERY end of the year either.  But that's not going to stop me from dreaming-up designs for a little girl's nursery!

I've had a keen idea for a long while now that it would be light grey, white & purple (deep purple).  HOWEVER, I just came across this gorgeous baby girl bedding in land of nod yesterday (it's new!).  I could still get by with a grey, white & purple color palate, but this introduces a vibrant yellow into the mix as well.  I love the quilt, with it's array of different patterns that mix well.  I love how it looks graphic & modern, despite having a 'country quilt'.  Perfect compliment in my eyes!  Want to see it???
Of course you do!

I would lay down either carpet tiles, or a large graphic rug, that covers all but the perimeter of the room's floor.  The rug would be either purple & white, or grey & white (two colors; keep it simple).

The walls: urban sunrise by Valspar.  A light grey.  The ceiling would be painted the same color.  However, in the middle of the room, I would paint a HUGE, WIDE dark purple stripe (we're talking like 4-6 feet wide), and the stripe would rise up from the floor, up the wall, wrap-up onto the ceiling, and down the other side.

The crib would look something like this (not this exact one, but I love the decorative spindles, so one very similar to this style):

I think a day bed in the room would work as well.  That way, "mom" could catch some winks in-between baby waking in the middle of the night.  And.....when baby outgrows the crib, she can just go straight to the day bed.  Here's an example from IKEA:
I have a ton of lighting ideas too, & art, & furniture (vintage, vintage, vintage & painted & adorned with gorgeous custom knobs/pulls) & drapes (think homemade from canvas drop cloths courtesy of Home Depot, then stenciled & painted!), but I'm holding-out for now!

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