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Looking back, I can recall that as a young girl playing with Barbie dolls, I was more interested in creating a homemade barbie HOME (with decorated rooms) than I was in the actual playing with Barbie dolls.  This is the beginning of what would become an obsession - an obsession for ALL things about decorating and beautifying a living space.

I've always been thrifty.  I've always HAD to be thrifty when it comes to decorating.  But I think it's that thrifty-ness that can spark our creative genius.  We can have a room invoke more feeling and life and creativity and vitality and BEAUTY than one even created on a big budget, with all "store-bought-stuff".  Anyone can just 'go buy stuff'.  But being able to think outside the box, and perhaps use things differently than previously intended, or reinvent an old piece, mix patterns and colors, and really 'have an eye' for design - NOT all people can do THAT!  

I watch these reality-based tv shows like "Top Chef", "Master Chef" and "Project Runway".  I marvel over the sheer passion, drive, and TALENT these people have!  Food is their life.  Fashion is their life.  They keep books and journals of inspiration.  They keep volumes of ideas and recipes.  I'm not the most creative cook.  I CAN cook, and I don't mind it, but I would never say it's my passion.  Fashion: it's not my thing.  My closet LOOKS pretty because I've decorated it as such.  But the clothes IN it: "Eh".  I've come to realize though that I am JUST like the people in these reality tv shows.  They EAT-BREATHE-LIVE-DREAM their passion (be it food or fashion).  And honestly, with everything in my being, I can say I feel the same way about what I do: INTERIOR DECORATING, with my accompanying passion being organization & clean/tidy (the two are different).  I can't begin to TELL you how many times I have laid in bed at night, unable to get to sleep because my mind will NOT shut off because I'm 'decorating' in my head.  I'm dreaming-up color schemes and spaces and have ALL these ideas bouncing around in that brain of mine!  

I invite you to follow me in my journey!  

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