Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is in the air....and I smell change a-brewing!

Fall is in the air!  I made homemade chili this weekend, and my 'famous' chocolate chip banana bread.  Mmmm....I also completed one of my sunburst mirrors that I blogged about last.  A second one will be started & finished today.  :)  I will post the results asap.

But I'm also getting antsy for yet another project.  And I've decided that it's going to be making sweater throw pillows!

I think sweater throw pillows are GREAT for Fall/Winter.  Plus, I've been wanting to change-out my throw pillows around the house for a little while now.  Want to see what I'm talking about?  Here are a few examples:

I also love those grain sack pillows, with the simple burlap & stripe look.  But I'm focusing on my sweater pillows for now. :)

Here's my plan: Head to our closet & convince Hubs to let me reincarnate some old sweaters that never get worn into some gorgeous sweater pillows.  Also, I REALLY want some with pattern.  Comfy cozy and men's-wear-looking.  I'd love some argyle & herringbone patterns.  So, to the Salvation Army I shall go!  I'm going to pick up some CHEAPY sweaters & turn 'em into gorgeousness to adorn my sofas & some beds. :)

Also, on another topic, I'm ready to replace the ugly, but utilitarian 'coffee-table-ottoman' that sits in our family room.  It's black fake-leather.  And it's really just a rectangular storage ottoman for all of my 2-year-old's "STUFF".  He rarely plays w/those toys anymore.  Come this winter, I'm going to clean out the closet by our garage entry (the garage entry/mudroom gets its makeover this coming Dec/Jan), & make toy space there for him, & so I'm getting rid of the storage ottoman from the family room asap.  I never liked it.  But it was CHEAP solution last Fall that we got for $20 at Meijer in the college section of back-to-school.  What I'd LOVE in its place is this:

This coffee table is actually topped with reclaimed wood.  It comes from Home Decorators Collection, and while the price tag isn't BAD at $343 (on sale from $429) & ships for a whopping $65, it's NOT in our budget WHATSOEVER.  I HAVE however seen the REAL thing in antique stores in the past (shoot me now for not jumping on them at the time).  So, Hubs & I are going to take a mini-excursion today & hunt for the perfect "coffee table" at antique stores.  You know what'll probably happen that I'm LOOKING for it, it WON'T be found.  Anywhere.  *Sigh*  But I'm willing to give it the 'ole college try. 

Speaking of college....I got an A on my nursing exam last week. :)  The joy doesn't last long however.  It faded in about 3 seconds when I knew the next one would be 2 short weeks later & it's an exam that is notorious for people failing.  I'm NOT gonna be in that statistic!  I spent this weekend studying to say the least.  

I'll report back with my projects!  What decorating projects are YOU tackling for Fall/Winter?  Tell me about 'em!  

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